Rajasthan always remains on the top for wanderlust
Rajasthan always remains on the top for wanderlust

Safe and fun places to visit in Rajasthan NOW!

ANI | Updated: Nov 17, 2021 11:02 IST

New Delhi [India], November 17 (ANI/ATK): Now that the pandemic is backing off, it is time to take out your vacation bag and start planning for the next trip. But make sure you are fully vaccinated and keep following the pandemic norms and guidelines. So, where do you think you can have maximum fun and excitement at this time of the year? Well, Rajasthan, of course!
Rajasthan always remains on the top in the wanderlust minds. After all, it is hard to resist those desert camps, cities of pink, blue, and gold, Lakeside palaces, and some of the most beautiful forts in the beautiful region of Rajasthan. Explore this beautiful state with a customized Rajasthan tour package covering all the famous cities such as Jaisalmer, Jodhpur Udaipur, Jaipur Bikaner, and more.
Here are some of the most fun and safest places to explore in Rajasthan.
Sri Ganganagar - The food basket of Rajasthan
Visit the northern-most city of Rajasthan that lies close to the border of Punjab as well as Pakistan. Well famous as the "food basket of Rajasthan," Sri Ganganagar will charm you with its lush green fields that produce mustard, cotton, bajra, wheat, sugarcane, and grams. As the region was home to Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations in ancient times, the remains are spread throughout in the form of potteries, ornaments, clay ovens, pitchers, and more.
* Key attractions: tomb of Laila-Majnu, Anupgarh fort, Hindumalkot border, Uddha Johad Gurudwara, Padampur
Dausa - Heavenly ancient town
When you visit Dausa, the small ancient town, you will feel as if you are in heaven because of the pure raw experiences. The name of the town 'Dhau-sa' means 'Beautiful like Heaven' in Sanskrit. Dausa is a good place to be for those who love nature and want to explore the rural side of Rajasthan. The town carries a rich history and archaeological importance.
* Key attractions: Chand Baori, Harshat Mata Temple, Jhajhirampura, Bhandarej, Lotwara, Mehandipur Balaji
Tonk- Full of architectural wonders
Tonk has been famously called 'Rajasthan ka Lucknow' and carries a significant status in Rajasthan. The small city is famous for its share of old Havelis and mosques and was once ruled by the Pathans of Afghanistan. Tourists come here to admire its beautiful architectural wonders from the Mughal era and the huge library of Persian and Arabic manuscripts. There are endless mansions, British colonial buildings, mosques in the cross-cultural town, which is a mix of Rajput and Muslim architecture.
* Key attractions: Sunehri Kothi, Arabic and Persian Research Institute, Bisaldeo Temple, Rani Baori, Diggi Kalyanji Temple, Jama Masjid, Jaldevi Temple, The Clock Tower.
Bhilwara- The land of textiles
Bhilwara is famous for its cotton milling and handloom weaving industries and is thus rightly known as the land of textiles. It is also home to the world-renowned Ramdwara of Ramsnehi Samprad and was the preaching ground for the founder Guru of the Sampraday. Many people are of the view that the city got its name because of the Bhils, the tribal people who lived there centuries ago.

* Key attractions: Badnore Fort, Pur Udan Chatri, The Madhav Gou Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Harni Mahadev, Dhanop Mataji, Shri Charbhujanath Temple, Chamunda Mata Mandir, Triveni Meja Dam, Bijolia, Jahazpur Asind, Mandalgarh
Pali - The Industrial City
Pali is considered to be the trade center of the royal state and popularly referred to as the "Industrial City" of Rajasthan. It is an important hub for merchant activities and carries heritage and culture that can be seen in its beautiful temples and elaborate monuments. Interestingly, the city shares borders with eight districts in Rajasthan. Do not forget to taste the Gulab Halwa made from milk and rose or try out the Mehendi and take back some Papads made in the city.
* Key attractions: Ranakpur Jain Temples, Jawai Dam, Sun Temple, Ranakpur Dam, Samand Lake,
Jalore - A city of grandeur
Jalore is named after the river Jawai Nadi and is believed to have been founded in the 8th century AD. Although the city has not developed much in terms of infrastructure, its grandeur and majestic ambiance draw tourists from all across the country. It is famous for its numerous quarries that produce the finest granite in the world. Explore the city to learn about its history and enjoy stunning views from the cannon foundry at Jalore Fort.
* Key attractions: Jalore Fort, Topekhana, Sirey Mandir, Sudha Mata Temple
Dholpur - The land of Red Stone
Dholpur is located on the eastern side of Rajasthan and has remained one of the fascinating regions of the state ever since its inception. It boasts of an extremely rich cultural heritage and has seen some of the oldest civilizations, and its history can be traced back to Buddha's time. No wonder that it is a city of historical grandeur as well as diverse culture. The Red Fort in Delhi is carved from the red sandstone from Dholpur. Dholpur was ruled by the Mughals and Chauhans and was named Dhawalpuri when under the rule of Raja Dhawal Deo.
* Key Attractions: City Palace, Royal Stepwell, Shiv Temple Aka Chausath Yogini Temple, Shergarh Fort, Machkund, Mughal Garden,Talab-E-Shahi, Dholpur Palace
Hanumangarh - The land of agriculture and handlooms
Hanumangarh carries a historical significance as it was part of the Indus Valley Civilization and is best known for its temples. Recent excavations have revealed some spectacular artifacts in the region that are deemed priceless by historians. Hanumangarh is a popular marketplace for agricultural and handloom products. In the early days, the city was known as Shatner and was later named Hanumangarh. Hanumangarh is the place to go if you love looking at ancient artifacts in museums.
* Key attractions: Bhatner Fort, Temple Of Shri Gogaji, Ogamedi Panorama, Kalibangan Temple Of Mata Bhadrakali, Masitavali Head, Gurudwara Baba Sukha Singh, Bhadrakali Temple, Goga Ji Temple.
Pick any of the cities or locations from above as these are indeed some of the most fun, safe and offbeat destinations included in many Rajasthan tourism packages. There is lot to do and explore in these amazing cities, and you are sure to come back with some unique experiences and memorable moments.
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