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Safe Blood for All! Launch of Blood.live by Bharath HealthCare P LIMITED, HealthTech division of Kotii Group of Technology Ventures R&D

ANI | Updated: Oct 08, 2020 13:03 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], 8 October (ANI/Connect360PR): Bharath HealthCare P LIMITED, HealthTech division of Kotii Group launched BLOOD.live - A Real-time lifesaving platform with a core purpose of empowering crores of people across the world to save lives of family, friends, people around us who are fighting for life in the need of blood in real-time.
Blood.live app which is available free of cost on both Android and iOS platforms enables us to raise a need of blood anytime anywhere in India and across the world. This technologically sophisticated platform is made easy for people to use like any other real-time platforms such as OLA, Uber where you share your necessity of blood, location and needed details.
Blood.live is empowered by Mirracle Artificial Intelligence Engine - home grown HealthTech innovation of Bharath HealthCare bringing in the unique innovations such as Safe Blood for All, Blood Network, Boost Request, Golden Hour, Verified Blood Request, Real-time lifesaving.
India is a country with a huge population of 135 crores and statics says that India has the world's largest shortage of blood, with all states together battling a huge shortfall of 41 million units and demand outstripping supply by over 400 per cent. In this acute blood shortage scenario India relies heavily on transfusions due to a higher prevalence of blood-borne diseases and complications during pregnancy.
About 60 million trauma induced surgeries are performed in the country every year. It is a witness to more than 1,200 road crashes every day. Around 230 million major operations, 331 million cancer-related procedures like chemotherapy and 10 million pregnancy complications require blood transfusion.
In all the above cases where is the basis requirement of blood is missing or in acute shortage, BLOOD.live comes as a saviour of life for the patients with ease, security, and trustworthy blood.

"We are a deep rooted innovation company core purposed to empower 770 plus crore people across 238 plus countries through our technological innovations in AgriTech, ConstructionTech, EduTech, FinTech, HealthTech, MediaTech & QualityTech. During our research we realized the acute scarcity of the basic need for a human being to live, which is pure blood. That is why we launched this real-time lifesaving platform called BLOOD.live - Under the campaign SAFE BLOOD FOR ALL!" said Dr Kotii Reddy Saripalli, Founder Chairman Kotii Group, while talking about the launch of BLOOD.live app.
"Through this AI based Blood.live app we wanted to empower people by establishing a secured blood network by mapping blood group of your family, friends, extended family, acquaintance in your contact list and hence in the time of need, increasing the possibility of providing safe blood to you on a real time basis. This app is completely free to download and can be easily used without any hassle." Dr Reddy added.
"I would request everyone across the country, world to take advantage of this real-time lifesaving platform by installing Blood.live app and join this noble cause of saving someone life by transforming blood donation as saving life," he further said.
"Life is precious beyond definition, what is the utmost satisfying, fulfilling humane duty any of us can do other than saving life of fellow human thus saving entire family from great misery of losing person forever otherwise", said Prudhvi Matsa - CEO Blood.live
"We are social beings, our societal living evolved on the wholistic basis of One for - All - for One. Yet we are seriously divided upon materialistic region, color, cast, creed, status and etc. To sustain our way of life and mankind, it is inevitable to democratize the right to be good and do good." said Dr Sreeja Reddy Saripalli - CEO, Bharath HealthCare P LIMITED.
BLOOD.live is also high on security as it aims to keep all the data and information of an individual secured. Therefore, it is safe for women or any individual who wants to hide their identity yet wants to donate blood and save lives. With this inbuild strong features BLOOD.live aims to empower crore of blood donors to save crore lives in the next one year in Bharath alone.
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