The Plug Media celebrated its third anniversary with a beach clean-up drive.
The Plug Media celebrated its third anniversary with a beach clean-up drive.

The Plug Media celebrated their 3rd anniversary by creating waves of impact with a beach clean-up drive

ANI | Updated: Dec 01, 2021 14:26 IST

New Delhi [India], December 1 (ANI/ATK): Co-founders, Apoorv Bhatnagar and Rohit Golia set the bar high for young entrepreneurs as the third-anniversary celebrations of The Plug Media create a whirlwind of impact.
Once you take a step into the digital space, each day serves as a reminder of the limitless possibilities that it has to offer. In a world where development is accompanied by an opposing environmental baggage, The Plug Media co-founders, Apoorv Bhatnagar and Rohit Golia took it upon themselves to stir a chance to
commemorate their 3rd Anniversary.
To mark the success of innumerable milestones over the last 3 years, The Plug Media held a Beach Clean-Up drive on November 14, 2021 from 4 PM to 6 PM at Juhu Beach. The clean-up was carried forward in association with Beach Warriors, an initiative by Khushiyaan Foundation. The Beach Warriors aim to keep the Mumbai beaches clean not just to conserve the environment but also to preserve memories of people's childhood. They have been fighting the good fight to save our oceans against plastic pollution selflessly and tirelessly for 190 weeks.
As a homage to the city that holds the roots of the full-fledged 360o Social Media Marketing venture, Rohit and Apoorv decided to give back to the society in a way that would result in a long-term impact. Elaborating on the trail of thoughts behind the initiative, Apoorv Bhatnagar added, "The digital space can be used as an enabler to sustainable change and we recognize that. As The Plug Media completes 3 years, celebrating it with our community by doing something for the community reinforced the feeling that we are on the right path."

The Plug Media acts as a catalyst to empower voices through the digital forum. Whether it's to amplify voices of its creators who recognize the need of the hour, or if it's to collaborate with brands that hold a commanding positioning in the market - the underlying goal always remains the same: churn out content that can inspire the larger audience to constantly be compassionate and responsible humans.
As their anniversary celebrations eventuated in materializing this goal, Rohit Golia said, "Celebrating by giving back to the society in any way, shape or form is an empowering and rewarding feeling. Having done it once now, we are sure that we'll celebrate every milestone of our company by doing something for the society."
The beach clean-up drive was attended by some of The Plug Media's exclusive roster, including the likes of Meghna Kaur, Shivani Singh, Shruti Sinha, Steffi Kingham, and Mohit Hiranandani. With a cumulative following of over 4 million on Instagram, the drive had a pivotal role in creating awareness and buzz on social media. Since it was the first collaborative drive and due to COVID-19 protocols, the number of volunteer registrations was restricted to 120. The sight of over a hundred people coming together selflessly on a Sunday and showing commitment to the cause was spectacular. The proactiveness and enthusiasm in the volunteers were invigorating and definitely added a special spark to the celebrations of the day.
While there are umpteen achievements to be proud of, Apoorv and Rohit feel that the simple yet significant celebration of their 3-year old startup, The Plug Media, has been the most rewarding milestone yet. Rohit shared, "Small acts when multiplied by the community can transform the world. Although on a much smaller scale, we ended up clearing a truckload of trash and disposing of it safely. We plan on organizing another beach clean-up soon on a much grander scale to raise more awareness about the cause."
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