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COLCO is an audio-centric social network for Professionals and Startups.
COLCO is an audio-centric social network for Professionals and Startups.

This New Social App let's you Sell Content, Get Gigs and Earn Socially

ANI | Updated: Dec 01, 2021 10:45 IST

New Delhi [India], December 1 (ANI/ATK): Given the broken clickbait approach used by social media giants like Facebook & Instagram for years now, and the authentic craving of users to engage with real people (not followers) has led to a resurgence in social apps for a while now - starting with Clubhouse last year since pandemic and its clones, to new-age apps aiming to create a more favourable digital atmosphere catering to the niche tastes of Creators, Professionals & Startups.
One such attempt is made by COLCO - Audio-centric Social Network for Professionals & Startups, which touts itself to be World's 1st Social Collaboration App built specifically to Simplify Earnings from Day 1. Whether you are a Creator, Freelancer, Professional looking for a job, or even a Startup looking to Sell Business Services, this is The Platform for You!
We had a chance to get our hands on the app, which is now live in around 90 countries globally, where we experienced the value proposition first hand, and, honestly, our experience has been quite impressive. From the smooth onboarding experience to actually making our First Sale, the experience has been quite interactive!

COLCO enables, literally, to start Earning from Day 1 where a Creator can Sell Her Digital Content to loyal fans and earn from global fanbase in her native currency whereas Freelancers now can start earning directly from their clients with 0 per cent Platform Commission - Industry-first Standard, where, now, businesses and service providers can make more money without worrying about any hefty platform commission cuts.
Along with that, Startups & Small Businesses, who have been quite under pressure to keep sales momentum upward due to COVID-19, can now sell their services directly to the end customers in real-time where lead conversion rates are more than 90 per cent, as hinted by one of the insiders.
Here, Brands can now market their upcoming Product Launches and even conduct personalized customer surveys more humanely by way of Voice - yes, just in 30 seconds any brand can turn their Brand Tales into Rhetoric to be followed by everyone around. Plus, now Startups & SMBs can get massive exposure to their products & services by getting featured in specific Highlights Section in the app by driving more sales home.
To sum up our experience, we'd quote India's Famous Hip-Hop Dance Group, MJ5's member, Dennis Anthony, who has been selling his exclusive dance tutorial on the app for a while now. "My experience with COLCO has been very new and energizing as I got to showcase my dancing tutorials, also reach a wider audience to sell my content and learn new things about digital media representation. It's one of the best apps based in India!" he said.
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