Rahul Bhatnagar
Rahul Bhatnagar

This sales expert and mentor is on a journey to transform millions of lives

ANI | Updated: Dec 20, 2019 18:08 IST

New Delhi [India] Dec 20 (ANI/Digpu): Today people know Rahul Bhatnagar as a successful entrepreneur who resides in and operates from Goa.
However, very few people are aware of his journey and the initial struggle. He started the entrepreneurial journey in 2011 after completing his MBA.
The lack of mentorship, resources and money and without a specific strategy; the first few years were extremely difficult and challenging. As he came from a middle-class background, the mounting family pressure to quit entrepreneurship made the going even more painful.
One of the major events conducted by Rahul and his team in 2015 lead to a loss of Rs 10 lakhs. Rahul claims this to be the rock-bottom phase in his life. With practically no money in the pocket (he was surviving at just Rs 500 per month) and a loan of Rs 10 lakhs on his head, a huge turnaround was the need of the hour.
He took the onus of delivering 50 speeches on 50 consecutive days, which is one of the world records today. He then shifted all his content online and initiated his coaching programs.
His online presence started to grow and he launched a lot of software in the International market helping the business get more leads and grow their business substantially. He was invited to conduct coaching sessions on communication skills, entrepreneurship and sales in different colleges and corporate houses.
It is then that he realised that there is a huge gap between the formal knowledge being taught at colleges or universities and what the market actually needs.
The corporates were struggling due to a lack of self-education and lack of mentorship.
Additionally, people had very little awareness of how they can scale their presence and business' using social media. He laments the fact that he never had a mentor and realizes the huge role that a mentor plays in shaping an individual's career and growth.
Rahul decided to empower people and bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be in their life both professionally and personally. He, therefore, ventured into educating people and digital coaching officially on 18th April 2018.
Today, he has a social media following of more than a million people and has transformed the lives of lakhs of people.
During his college days, Rahul had also been a part of the direct selling industry and had conducted sales seminars all over India hereby generating revenue worth crores of rupees. All this experience of offline & online sales and public speaking is shared with his mentees through events, online training sessions, and weekly webinars and one to one coaching.
There are four things that he particularly focuses on:
1. Self-investment: Most people spend their money on things that they don't even need only to regret later.
They need to understand that in order to become successful, they need to invest time and money upon their learning on a regular basis.
"When people can have a monthly budget on almost everything then why not keep a monthly budget on self-education", said Rahul.
"Why will people invest upon you when you will not invest upon yourself", he added.
2. No dependency: Your growth shouldn't be dependent upon the approval of others, create a stupendous profile of yours through self-education so that you simply cannot be ignored.
With the Internet, now you can make a mark for yourself without any connections or approvals whatsoever.
3. Become a shameless self-promoter: Rahul believes that "Selling is serving."
Learn to talk about your work and get it in front of people as many times as you can.
Always ensure that you are providing more value than the price that you are charging and then promote yourself/ your product aggressively.
4. Mentorship: Everyone needs a mentor. Period.
All top performers across the world have mentors enabling them to achieve more.
Rahul aims to inspire ten million people through his work by 2022.
"I never had a mentor and now it is my rightful duty to serve as a mentor to millions of people", said Rahul Bhatnagar.
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