TikTok - 1 Million Audition
TikTok - 1 Million Audition

TikTok brings India together with the latest edition of the 1Mn audition

ANI | Updated: Jan 29, 2019 15:17 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 29 (NewsVoir): You must have heard “laughter is the best medicine” countless number of times. Turns out, it really is and TikTok believes it holds the power to bring together people across ages and across various regions in India. TikTok‘s mission this year is to make everyone laugh.
To start off this year on a happy note, TikTok introduced the sixth edition of the popular #1MillionAudition from 07th January to 20th January with a focus on comedy.
This time around, users participated in this unique talent discovery platform in their own languages for a more personalised experience and shared content in select languages like Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu.
While the audition has always received much love from TikTok users, this edition was extremely special because of the record breaking response that poured in from across the country. The comedy special edition of the #1MillionAudition saw an enthusiastic participation from users with over 1.2 million creative video entries being uploaded on TikTok which receiving a whopping two billion views.
What made the #1MVinesEdition a success was the fact that TikTok users could express themselves in funny ways using languages they were comfortable with along with enjoying a personalised experience allowing users to share more creative and engaging content.
The #1MVinesHindi edition alone saw over 500,000 videos being published, making Hindi the most active language in this edition of the #1MillionAudition. Tamil, Punjabi, and Kannada followed with over 100,000 videos being published in total within just two weeks of the challenge! Not only this, users from all over the country made TikTok their playground for this edition of the #1MillionAudition across all ages!
As a platform to engage a growing fan base in India, TikTok also served as the launchpad for a diverse array of local creators. Infact, this audition was extremely special for Kerala with 85-year-old Mary Joseph Mampilly winning the audition from the #1MVinesMalayalam.
The TikTok entries, submitted by her grandson, Jinson won the hearts of many and became so popular that they helped her kick start her acting career. The octogenarian will now feature in two highly anticipated Malayali movies of which one features popular Malayali actor, Jayaram!
TikTok’s creators are enthusiastically using countless cool and popular stickers, quirky special effects like rain control using hand gestures to make their videos extra funny and creative, adding to it, users have a plethora of TikTok features at their disposal like filter transitions and illusions that make their videos stand out even further.
TikTok’s mission is to build a creative community of users that spreads joy and makes people smile. If you missed this challenge do not worry, TikTok’s next challenge is right around the corner. In the meantime, download and visit the TikTok app for plenty of other on-going challenges to express your talent and spread the laughter with TikTok. After all, laughter is infectious!
Note to Editors:
TikTok’s Sixth Edition of #1MillionAudition (Vines)
Winners of #1MVinesEdition
Hindi - @vishalarya7777
Tamil - @imsubu
Punjabi - @mr.manjotsingh
Malayalam - @jinson5436
Telugu - @funbucketbhargav
Kannada - @ananth_chaser
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