Pranab Mohanty, Vice President, Toshiba Home Appliance Business launching the 2020-21 range of Toshiba Home Appliances
Pranab Mohanty, Vice President, Toshiba Home Appliance Business launching the 2020-21 range of Toshiba Home Appliances

Toshiba launches 2020-21 range of home appliances in first ever nationwide virtual event

ANI | Updated: Jun 24, 2020 12:58 IST

New Delhi [India], June 24 (ANI/NewsVoir): Following safe distancing measures, Toshiba - a world-renowned Japanese brand for home appliances, introduced its 2020-21 range in a first-ever nationwide virtual event.
The new range launched during the virtual event includes a multi-door refrigerator, two-door refrigerators with top freezer, washer dryers, front-loading and top-loading washing machines, and water purifiers.
"Toshiba has always been known for providing technologically-advanced high-quality home appliances. The launch of our 2020-21 range of refrigerators, washing machines, washer-dryers, and water purifiers is a testament to Toshiba's strong commitment to satisfy the varied needs of our Indian consumers," said Pranab Mohanty, Vice President, Toshiba Home Appliance Business, speaking at the occasion.
"Currently, these products are manufactured at and sourced from Toshiba global factories. To support our commitment towards the government's Make-in-India mission, we soon plan to manufacture Toshiba brand products in India at the 'Toshiba Manufacturing Complex' located at SUPA Pune," he said.
Governed by the Japanese Takumi spirit, Toshiba 2020-21 range of home appliances is designed, engineered, and manufactured with uncompromising attention to the details that matter most to people. To complement consumers' home decor, the new range perfectly amalgamates design with functionality, giving it a very elegant look and fit with the modern room interiors.
"Our new range of home appliances is an embodiment of Toshiba's meticulous product quality and design, guided by the Japanese 'Takumi' philosophy centered in the highest level of craftsmanship," added Mohanty.
The brand promise of delivering crafted breakthrough home solutions with heartfelt details that make a (big) difference, is engrained in the new brand slogan #DetailsMatter.
Showcasing the unique product elements that have been designed and developed keeping customers' conveniences at the core, #DetailsMatter campaign will entail a complete 360-degree sales and marketing program.
Henceforth, all Toshiba home appliances communication materials from packaging to commercials will always adorn the hashtag #DetailsMatter.
Toshiba Multi-Door Refrigerator GR-RF646WE-PGI
The new multi-door Toshiba refrigerator is one of the most innovative, spacious, and technologically advanced refrigerators, designed carefully keeping in mind the Indian consumers' storage needs and their evolving lifestyle. The 650 litre four-door refrigerator is a masterpiece with a luxurious design and glass door finish.
It comes with the iconic convert zone feature, that offers complete flexibility to the consumers to transform one of the 91 Litre bottom-mounted freezer units into a mini-fridge. With a touch of a button, customers can expand the refrigerator's capacity by almost 15 per cent and adjust temperatures setting from -18°c to 7°c to store vegetables, fruits, fish, and meat within the same space.
There are additional intelligent features to keep the freshness inside the fridge intact for longer like 3 System Cooling that boasts of three independent cooling systems delivering fast and efficient cooling to each compartment and avoiding mixing of odor, allowing consumers to avoid cross-contamination of food.
The Plasma+ Pure Deodorizer deactivates bacteria, removes bad odor, and keeps the inner surrounding clean and healthy by purifying the cool air.
Each and every Corner of this masterpiece has been utilized effectively there are 26 Spatial Compartments to cater to everyone's storage needs.
Featuring a Smart Digital Touch control to maintain desired temperatures in all compartments and an even cooling all the time, the Toshiba multi-door refrigerator is priced at Rs 149,990 and is available in an elegant Blue Glass finish.
Toshiba 2-Door Refrigerator GR-AG66INA
Introducing the distinctive Automatic Ice Maker feature in this category, Toshiba two-Door Refrigerator comes with many innovative features that ensure freshness, convenience and hygiene in the fridge. With Auto Ice Maker Function, consumers can get many ice cubes at once without any hassles.
The 661 litre refrigerator incorporates Cool Air Wrap System that circulates pure and Fresh air to the corners of the fridge using multiple vents. The Ag+ (Silver nano) Crisper contains the Ag plus ions that restricts bacterial growth keeping groceries fresh for a longer period.
Toshiba's patented LED Hybrid Deodorizer uses two catalysts filters that decompose different types of odor and a LED/UV light to restrain bacteria growth inside the refrigerator, keeping the food items fresh and healthy for longer periods.
The Ultra-Fresh Zone in the refrigerator gives the flexibility of adjusting temperature setting up to -3°c, giving an additional advantage of storing food at lower temperatures, apart from using it as a normal chiller zone. This elegant looking Model hosts a Touch Control at the freezer door to make it convenient for consumers to adjust freezer temperature and choose from different modes. Available in Gradient Blue and Black color options, this 661 L model is priced at Rs 83,990.
The two-door Refrigerator range includes 6 models with 12 variants of SKUs from the capacity 252 litre to 661 litre with the price range between Rs 27,000 and Rs 85,000.
All Toshiba refrigerators come with Real INVERTERTM technology to ensure optimum energy consumption translating into energy savings of 20 per cent, and a ten-year compressor warranty.
Toshiba Washing Machines
The 2020-21 range of Toshiba washing machines include 4 top-loading and 6 front-loading SKUs starting from 7 kg up to 9 Kg ranging between Rs 21,000 and Rs 80,000.
The new Toshiba Washing Machine range adopts safety and humanized design and is aimed to provide exclusive laundry care for your family. The new range also houses the Real INVERTER™ motor that is quieter, more efficient, durable and more stable than a conventional motor.
Toshiba Front-loading Washing Machine is one of a kind and works by the phenomenon of The Great Waves technology that uses both Flush Wave and Color Alive that saves time, money and protects your laundry. It gets the washing done in one go for easy and hassle-free lifestyle with both the washer and dryer at same capacity.
The front-loading washing machines are designed with Anti-Bacterial Gasket that avoids damp or unpleasant smell when opening the front load door and prevents formation of molds and mildew on the gasket surface. The Drum Clean feature thoroughly cleans the drum with high temperature water, without using any harsh chemicals. Priced at Rs 35,990 onwards the front-loading washing machine models are available in white and dark grey colors.
The Top-loading washing machines feature 'No Angular Design' - a rounded corner design that prevents accidental injury or scratching during operation. The transparent glass lid with a bearing load of 100kg is enhanced with Silk Pattern looks aesthetically pleasing, leaving no water residue on inner lid. The 43-degree Soft Closed Lid design ensures the lid drops down constant slowly and closes safely.
The Easy Kit multi-functional detergent box provides a separate container for softener, liquid detergent and washing powder, and the siphon cap structure ensures thorough mixing of water and detergent to enhance washing performance significantly.
Using the three waterfalls and water flow from 864 water holes, the GREATWAVES™ function creates three different types of waves the No Wrap Flow to avoid tangling of laundry, Upper Push Flow to enhance contact surface of laundry in the tub, and Spring Flow to avoid excessive wear of laundry.
Toshiba Washer-Dryer
The 11 kg front-load washer-dryer houses Real INVERTER™ motor, and is powered by the GREATWAVES™ technology. This model is also designed with Anti-Bacterial Gasket and the Cyclone Mix technology improves washing performance by using an impeller that is implanted in the drawer which increases detergent dissolution by 20 per cent. Priced at Rs 79,990 the washer-dryer also has a LED Drum Light for better viewing of clothes during washing or drying.
Toshiba Water Purifiers
Toshiba Water Purifiers range for 2020-21 includes 4 SKUs featuring a UV Shield that kills 99.99 per cent of bacteria in the water using a cold cathode UV lamp, which is a last point purification ensuring purity till last drop; a Smart Interactive Display that informs consumer about filter replacement, water level inside the tank, service reminder and UV function Highlighter; and a Replaceable Tank design with choices of a stainless steel or plastic tank.
The Black Mirror Finish RO+UV variant N1748T1 (K) comes with a Stainless steel tank and White color RO+UV variant N1748T1 (W) with a plastic tank, these models are available at Rs 27,990 and Rs 24,990 respectively, the Green RO series N1748TNF-IND(W) which is suited for low TDS input water retails at Rs 23,990.
Toshiba also has added new UF + UV variant in its range this year suited for areas where input TDS is upto 250 PPM, this model is priced at Rs 14,990.
The complete Toshiba Water Purifier Range promises purity till last drop.
Along with customer inspired innovations, Toshiba also ensures robust after sales services through a wide network of service centers to ensure ease and availability for its customers. In 2020, the brand strives to further strengthen its services across categories along with a stronger dealers' base across India through an extensive retail network of large format stores, multi-brand outlets and a robust dealer network across India.
At present, the company has a strong network of dealers across India and robust after sales services through its strong service footprint in the country. In addition to the 476+ service centres, the brand has also introduced Toshiba Care, a tollfree service support where customers can directly connect on the number - 18004191111.
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