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Merchandise and services exports jumped 8.73% to $483.98 billion in Apr-Feb 2018-19
Merchandise and services exports jumped 8.73% to $483.98 billion in Apr-Feb 2018-19

Trade deficit pegged at $93.32 billion in Apr to Feb 2018-19

ANI | Updated: Mar 15, 2019 19:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar 15 (ANI): India's merchandise and services exports jumped 8.73 per cent to 483.98 billion dollars during April to February 2018-19, the government said on Friday.
At the same time, imports moved up 9.42 per cent to 577.31 billion dollars, leaving a trade deficit of 93.32 billion dollars.
Merchandise exports totalled 298.47 billion dollars, marking an increase of 8.85 per cent in the same period of previous year.
The imports too went up by 9.75 per cent in first 11 months of current fiscal year to 464 billion dollars.
That left a trade deficit of 165.52 billion dollars, according to an official statement released by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
On the other hand, services exports climbed 185.51 billion dollars, marking an increase of 8.54 per cent. The imports were up 8.09 per cent at 113.31 billion dollars.
In February alone, merchandise exports were to the tune of 26.67 billion dollars as compared to 26.03 billion dollars, showing an increase of 2.44 per cent over previous year's figure.
The major commodity groups of exports were drugs and pharmaceuticals (16.11 per cent), readymade garments of all textiles (7.17 per cent, organic and inorganic chemicals (4.14 per cent), cotton yarn, fabrics, made-ups and handloom products (2.25 per cent) and engineering goods (1.73 per cent).
The imports in February totalled 36.26 billion dollars, down 5.41 per cent from 38.34 billion dollars in February 2018.
The major commodity groups of imports showing negative growth were pearls, precious and semi-precious stones (minus 17.5 per cent), gold (minus 10.81 per cent), petroleum, crude and products (minus 8.05 per cent), electronic goods (minus 6.48 per cent) and organic and non-organic chemicals (minus 0.44 per cent).
Significantly, oil imports in February 2019 were 9.38 billion dollars which were 8.05 per cent lower in February 2018. Oil imports in April to February 2018-19 were 128.72 billion dollars which were 31.98 per cent higher.