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Visitor Guard provides comprehensive US Visitor Health Insurance plans after easing of travel restrictions

ANI | Updated: Nov 01, 2021 16:22 IST

New Delhi [India], November 1 (ANI/India PR Distribution): The United States will authorise entry into its territory to travelers vaccinated against Covid-19 from the European Union and the United Kingdom from "early November".
The easing of restrictions has been welcomed by everyone from all over the world. Many travelers who needed to travel to US for personal and family situations can now finally travel to visit their family and friends. The decision, which will allow family meetings and reunions and that many Internet users demanded under the slogan #LoveIsNotTourism, has also delighted the travel and tourism industry.
Having a good Visitor Health insurance for your US visit ensures a stress-free experience during your travel and stay. Without visitor health insurance, many visitors end up paying thousands of dollars for doctor bills and hospitalization costs out of their own pocket.
If you are planning to visit your family and friends in US after easing of restrictions, Visitor Guard® offers comprehensive visitor health insurance plans that will help protect you from costly health expenses during your stay. There are a wide variety of travel insurance/visitor health insurance plans available to choose from. These travel insurance plans can cover medical coverage for as little as 5 days to 364 days or more and includes coverage for hospitalization, doctor visits, prescriptions and more.

"Travel insurance to USA is really a must. Healthcare is extremely expensive in many countries such as the US, where simply not having travel medical insurance for USA would be disastrous. Medical insurance for travelers can be quite a relief that comes in handy when in a foreign country, especially during any major unforeseen mishap or illness," says Chiranth Nataraj, CEO of Visitor Guard.

Visitor Insurance is beneficial, especially if you suddenly find yourself needing to get treated for an ailment or illness that occurs while you are travelling. Visitor Insurance can help provide some of the much-needed financial aid when you least expect it.
Visitor Insurance Plans provided by Visitor Guard can cover a wide variety of medical expenses including Hospital and doctor expenses for illness and injury, Cost of Prescription drugs, Dental emergencies, Emergency medical evacuations, and an acute onset of pre-existing conditions. The plans provided by Visitor Guard have a Global Network and a 24*7 Customer Support that provides round-the-clock customer assistance.
The team at Visitor Guard® helps you finding the right fit for each traveler's insurance needs. Many comprehensive visitor insurance plans offer direct, cashless payments to providers in United Healthcare & First Health Networks, within all states and regions in the US.
"We provide customized insurance solutions specific to your travel schedule and needs, as well as provide you with advice on travel security and health concerns overseas. Our aim is to make your travel and stay as stress-free as possible," says Chiranth Nataraj.
Visitor Guard provides customized, individual plans that are priced economically. They have one of the widest spectrums of various comprehensive and affordable universal plans for visitor health insurance for visitors to the USA.
Visitor Guard®'s visitor insurance provides you with coverage plans in case of any unfortunate occurrence such as any new injuries, illnesses, or acute onset of pre-existing conditions that require treatment during your trip. The plans offered are economical and cover a wide variety of travel and medical related issues. For more details on the various plans offered, you can visit their website https://www.visitorguard.com/.
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