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Wholesale online marketplace Beldara expands to Europe, USA

ANI | Updated: Jun 10, 2019 19:40 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] June 10 (ANI/NewsVoir): The contemporary business world is shaping itself digitally in various aspects and today, the e-commerce industry is making all the noise. The freedom to purchase anything just by clicking a button on your mobile is changing the way people think of buying in bulk or selling in bulk without having to leave the office.
Mumbai-based leading wholesale online marketplace Beldara is catching up to be India's one-stop solution for booming companies to achieve their global footprint at ease. Right from finding and sourcing organic honey by tying up with an efficient logistics partner for your hard-earned business outreach to sourcing solar panels in bulk for your CSR Intervention, Beldara.com has it all.
Founded in 2018, Beldara online marketplace connects more than 4000 brands across 40 product categories and 3,50,000 listed products including industrial equipment and machinery, rubber, plastic and polymers, automotive, safety and security, metals and minerals, packaging and printing, energy and power, chemicals, furniture and furnishing, health and beauty, livestock and agriculture and many more. Since its inception, it has around 1.3 million buyers and sellers which are steadily growing each day.
Beldara's global outreach in Singapore, UAE, South Africa, China, and now covering Europe and the USA, reflects the wholesale industry's search for technology solutions that drive efficiencies and sales growth.
With Beldara, brands and retailers can streamline wholesale buying and selling, saving time and money by digitising currently manual, error-prone processes and growing sales for both parties by enabling faster, more insightful decisions on what to sell to the end-consumer.
"Our mission is to bring the industry together on one platform. The team at Beldara supports this and we are excited to provide the much-required expertise and support to enable Indian manufacturers and wholesalers expand and further its global dominance," said Pradeep Khandekar, Managing Director, Beldara.com.
The Beldara e-commerce portal boasts of strong technology and a vast range of categories. Also, the multilingual chat feature makes it very easy for international buyers to understand the process. The company recently launched its Android and IOS mobile apps for the smooth functioning of orders and tracking for their growing customer base.
Beldara creates a one-stop shop to supply or buy products at your fingertips and for all your business needs. Beldara has brought the best brands together with top retailers so they can complete their wholesale buying at ease while also making better decisions.
Beldara offers access to the latest technology tools that help to connect with thousands of customers and go beyond the geographical boundaries.
India's GDP growth is expected to accelerate moderately to 7.5 percent in the fiscal year 2019-20, driven by continued investment strengthening, particularly private-improved export performance and resilient consumption.
"The essence of Beldara business is to help Indian consumers, brands, retailers, merchants, other businesses, strategic alliance partners and third-party service providers to increase export trade ratio and give a platform to Indian manufacturers and traders to achieve their global targets at ease and add to the economy of the country," added Pradeep.
"India lacks awareness on online wholesale marketplaces and are still warming to the fact that one needs to use these valuable sales channels even if you also have your own website as, Online wholesale marketplaces connect wholesalers, distributors and retailers all on one platform. While you may be reluctant to put your products on the platform due to the competition for buyers, the advantages can make up for it like Beldara, which gives you access to millions of buyers who may not otherwise find your website. We build the traffic for the platform, handle the back-end infrastructure and also offer other value-added services", he concluded.
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