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With U-Dictionary app, you can now tap to translate in WhatsApp

| Updated: Apr 29, 2017 20:35 IST

New Delhi [India], Apr 29 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): The latest version of U-Dictionary Android app (v 2.6.1) now allows you to just Copy an English Word in a WhatsApp message and instantly get the meaning in your native language via Tap to Translate feature. This feature works vice versa as well; you can copy a Word in any of the 10 Indian languages supported by U-Dictionary in a WhatsApp message and instantly get the meaning in English. The best part is that Tap to Translate feature works great Offline too. Several cool new features such as Picture dictionary, Sample Sentences Offline and Phrases have also been added to the latest version. Picture dictionary makes it easier for you and your family members of any age to understand the Word Meaning. Sample Sentences Offline provides offline download of sample sentences, from internationally reputed news sources such as BBC, to help you quickly understand the usage of the word. Lastly, Phrases cements your understanding of a new Word, by helping you learn the usage of the Word in phrases and other advanced cases. According to Kshitij Kumar Parashar, Head of South Asia Marketing for U-Dictionary, "The major advantage of U-Dictionary app over other apps is that it can show various definitions clearly at a relatively smaller size. This addresses the key concern of data savvy users who can use the app with less data online and less space offline." U-Dictionary is a lightweight app which is suitable for all smartphone users, however, those who prefer to learn on a PC at the comfort of their home, can now browse U-Dictionary on the web. All the pictures and articles are moderated and carefully articulated, so it's safe to open the website at Work. U-Dictionary has a dedicated team of linguistic, design and development experts who are working together for the sole purpose of making your learning experience the best. The Team has been consistently coming up with different creative new features to address the unmet needs of users and enhancing the existing ones. U-Dictionary helps users from all categories, be it students, tourists, or English learners and helps everyone regardless of language boundaries. Anybody can use this app as a great tool for learning English from different languages. It has been awarded as "Best Self Improvement App of 2016" by Google Play. (ANI-BusinessWireIndia)