Yuvraj Kumar
Yuvraj Kumar

Yuvraj Kumar aims to radicalize sensitive issues via his films

ANI | Updated: May 05, 2021 17:36 IST

New Delhi [India], May 5 (ANI/ThePRTree): 'Placebo', a documentary shot by the investigative filmmaker, Yuvraj Kumar, won the National Award presented by the President of India. It also premiered in IDFA in Amsterdam, a respectable film festival in the Netherlands.
Catering to the sensitive issues of peaceful integration and redevelopment of Kashmir, Yuvraj is all set to bring along his upcoming film, 'Kashmir - The Final Resolution'.
Founder of Atlantic Films Production House, Yuvraj Kumar is a young filmmaker who plans to conceptualize and present the issues of the world in a creative and inventive manner. Having completed 70 per cent of the movie's shoot, he has quite high hopes for 'Kashmir - The Final Resolution'.
A sequel to 'ISIS - Enemies of Humanity' released in 2017, 'ISIS 2' is also set to grace the screen. The former film received an international release and was applauded by the Afghanistan Consulate. Yuvraj debuted as an actor in the film 'ISIS' and is going to be portrayed in a series format and 'ISIS 2' is the second installment, but not the last. This is because the concept of terrorism and radicalization that he has tried to portray has many layers to it. For the message to be clear, one film is not enough.
Having specialized in deradicalizing methods, Yuvraj has studied this subject for 10 years, so he exhibits these ideas in a creative form. "I want the viewer to go and realize the difference between a good ideology and a bad one. Besides that, the viewers would understand how young minds are being manipulated by seeing the characters in the film," he said.

Yuvraj also has a play to his credit called 'Between the Truths' that is based on the movie ISIS, which he performs like a monologue. He has performed 'Between the Truths' in Mumbai at St. Andrews auditorium and in New York at Times Square. This play is a further message of deradicalizing the youth, specially, so that they don't fall for any violence or terrorism or don't get brainwashed. "I believe that we are in a very sensitive zone right now as a people, where if things continue to go on like this, there are chances of a civil war breaking out, in India, especially," he added.
Getting ISIS screened in Kashmir is a desire Yuvraj keeps close. Since, there are no theatres over there he plans to get a private auditorium. "There are going to be obstacles in the way, no doubt about that, but I really want people there to see the movie and understand the message that I have tried to convey through it," Yuvraj added.
When asked about why he chose such delicate subjects for his films, he said, "I'm an investigative filmmaker. You can say I have been kind of an activist all along. I was originally studying to be a lawyer from Government Law College. But being introduced to all kinds of current affairs of the country, and the political climate, studying all the case studies just ignited a spark in me...I just felt I had to do something...I felt it was my responsibility to make the unheard voices reach out to the people, and the most effective way of doing that is by being creative," he smiled. Yuvraj Kumar has been trained in the art of filmmaking from the prestigious Whistling Woods International; so naturally, he is very skilled in his craft.
Having the precision to put a subject in the form of a movie, Yuvraj is skilled to cast the characters right that can make the utmost impact. His decision of playing multiple roles of producing a film, directing it, acting in it, editing it is so because there are very few people today who can understand the subject he has been dealing with. Since these are sensitive trajectories he treads on, he chooses to produce his own films.
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