JFE Engineering contributes to environment and energy

ANI | Updated: Feb 07, 2018 14:12 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Feb 7 (ANI): Located in the western part of Tokyo, Chofu city has what is called a "Clean Plaza Fujimi", an environmentally friendly urban waste power plant.

Chofu City is a dense suburban residential area in Tokyo. In such an environment, urban waste plants require not only the processing power of garbage but also the processing power of high technology which does not emit harmful substances. The high technology of JFE engineering is shown in the design of the urban waste plant which is efficiently handling the waste in the area.

"There are about 10,000 people living in a 500-meter radius from the perimeter of the plant. Therefore, we have considered the safety and security of the residents first, taken priority of the environment, and created these facilities specifically for the restriction of exhaust gas. It is based on the restriction values that we have set up and they are even stricter than the national standards. Moreover, we have dealt with matters such a noise, odour, and so on. Although it has been five years since the plant started to operate, we have never received any complaints," Masaki Ogiwara, Fujimi Public Association.

Exhaust gases are passing through the exhaust gas treatment unit of the filtration dust collector, and then it is released into the atmosphere in a manner that generates as little hazardous materials as possible through the treatment facility of the deodorising tower.

There is a surveillance pollution monitor panel at the gate of the entrance of the Clean Plaza Fujimi. The remote center of JFE operates a remote control system and manages it for 24 hours.

JFE engineering is a top manufacturer of Japanese waste plants and it has been operating nearly 200 plants in the country.

"JFE has engineering centers overseas in Germany, China, India, and the Philippines. JFE groups are also supported by about 20 offices. We hope to expand more of our ideas through our new technology and to suit the needs of the local people. This year, we have received a contract for an industrial waste plant in Thailand, and we plan to expand our business in South Asia where the need for garbage processing plants is increasing significantly," said Kazue Ogiyama, JFE Engineering.

The garbage truck tires get washed every time before running through the city to guarantee their clean state.

JFE Engineering is actively expanding their activities not only in Japan but also overseas. (ANI)