Rinnai develops `Eco One' hybrid hot water supply, heating system

ANI | Updated: Jan 10, 2018 14:28 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Jan 10 (ANI): Rinnai Corporation, a manufacturer of thermal energy equipments such as hot-water supply and air-conditioning has combined gas and electricity optimally to develop a hybrid hot water supply and heating system titled "Eco One".

Eco One warms the water and turns it into hot water then it utilises that heat to warm the house. In addition to the conventional hot-water supply function, it can circulate the heat for the function of floor heating. Efficiently using electricity and gas in the hybrid, it also has the added benefit of greatly reducing the utility costs of living.

"This is an electric heat pump. It uses the hot air to heat the water, and by this technique, it has achieved a highly efficient outcome. In this heat pump, we use a highly efficient hot water tank that can preserve the heat of the water for a longer time so that the tank can be used for a daily hot water supply. And here, it's a bit hard to see, but this part is a backup gas water heater when it's on it assists the ability of the heat pump, and even if the hot water runs out of the tank, hot water can be provided immediately," said Ryota Suzuki, Official, Rinnai.

Tokyo is an overcrowded city, with some areas having houses lined up very close. But even in these circumstances, Eco One can be installed because of its compact design.

"The Eco One is described as a "hybrid" which is a very interesting word. It is a totally new thing to use both electricity and gas in one device. And from now on energy companies will be selling both electricity and gas, so it's a good thing for those companies and at the same time it will be easier for energy companies to approach customers," said Seiji Nakanishi, Environmental System Equipment Corporation.

The reason behind this effort is a commitment to help to solve the world global warming problem, along with the Great East Japan Earthquake, which led to the need for further environmentally-friendly and energy-saving technologies due to power shortages. Furthermore, diversification of energy resources rather than dependence on a single energy source is required.

Rinnai is continuing to develop advanced technology products to provide high-quality thermal energy equipment optimised for the living culture, climate conditions and energy circumstances in countries and regions around the world. (ANI)