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Alec Baldwin (Image source: Instagram)
Alec Baldwin (Image source: Instagram)

Alec Baldwin resumes work for first time after 'Rust' shooting incident

ANI | Updated: Feb 08, 2022 22:39 IST

Washington [US], February 8 (ANI): Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin has finally returned to work, ending his three-and-a-half-month hiatus from acting since the 'Rust' shooting incident, which claimed the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.
According to Fox News, the actor has been documenting his travels to the UK. On Monday, he revealed in a video just what it's like to start acting again after stepping away from the camera.
"I said I would keep a little diary while I was travelling and working. We had our first day today which is always tricky. I don't work as much as I used to and I've said this before maybe, but you go to work, and you forget what you're supposed to do. I just was like, oh, God what do you do? What is acting or any of this nonsense that I've ended up doing? It's strange to go back to work," Baldwin said while lying down in bed.
He added, "I haven't worked since October 21st of last year when this horrible thing happened on the set of this film, and the accidental death of our cinematographer Halyna Hutchins."
The actor-producer went on to claim he's still in disbelief about the shooting that took place on the New Mexico set.
He said, "I may still even find that hard to say. I went back to work today for the first time in three and a half months and movies are nearly always the same." Baldwin stressed that he's feeling like one of the oldest people in the room on the new set.

"Everybody's young compared to me, especially an independent film where there are good people. There are very good people but everybody's chasing all the good people and a lot of the best ones get gobbled up by projects that have more money," he said.
Baldwin, who has not revealed what project he's currently working on overseas, hinted that he's working on an independent film with a "very limited budget."
He further repeated that it was his first day of acting since Hutchins' death, calling it an "interesting" experience to return to his work.
The actor concluded by sharing just how much he misses his children at home. Baldwin and his wife Hilaria share six kids. The actor also shares daughter Ireland Baldwin with his ex-wife Kim Bassinger.
Days prior to his return to work, Baldwin posted an emotional video on the social media platform saying how difficult it was to leave his kids for a work trip. At the time, he admitted in the video that he hasn't been getting much rest. "I'm sorry my eyes are still so puffy. I'm not sleeping," he said.
The death of Hutchins had taken place when a gun misfired while Baldwin and Hutchins were rehearsing on the set on his Western film last October. The bullet went through Hutchins and also wounded director Joel Souza.
According to Fox News, authorities are still investigating the shooting and multiple lawsuits have since been filed. (ANI)