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5 hilarious moments from Koffee With Karan episode featuring Sonam and Arjun

ANI | Updated: Aug 11, 2022 18:21 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 11 (ANI): Sonam and Arjun appeared on 'Koffee With Karan' episode 7 and it was a laugh riot! Of course, many key and emotional topics were touched on by the host Karan Johar and Arjun Kapoor, Sonam was there just for a good laugh session, and we can't complain enough because we loved it!
Sonam was in her best form, laughing throughout and more importantly, giving many statements that made the other two laugh! So let's take a look at some of the most hilarious moments from the episode.
1. When Sonam couldn't remember Karan Johar's film Brahmastra's name
Karan asked Sonam who 'the man of the moment' is, to which she hesitated in responding at first, after hearing the list of the names to choose from, and then said that she thinks Ranbir fits the title. She said "I think Ranbir is the best...he's everywhere! He's currently promoting Ayaan's film..."
Karan then followed up with yet another question, "Which film is he doing?".
Sonam then responded by saying, "Shiva number 1" and Karan and Arjun burst into laughter. Arjun even said that it's not a David Dhawan film with Varun Dhawan as the lead actor, and then corrected her saying the name of the film is 'Brahmastra'.
2. When Sonam revealed his brothers have slept with most of her friends
Sonam and Arjun played a fun sibling game on the show in which she was asked how many of her friends Arjun has slept with, Sonam answered saying, "between my brothers, nobody's left!"
Karan then laughed and said, "what kind of brothers do you have", leaving everyone in splits except Arjun who looked quite embarrassed and pink in his cheeks! This was truly one of the best moments on the show!
3. When Sonam called Arjun's 'Ek Villain Returns' a thirst trap
Sonam wanted to do a nice gesture and started promoting Arjun's new film 'Ek Villain Returns' however turned it funny when she said "Ek Villain Returns looks good...I think they all look hot now. That's it right for this Ek Villain?"
Sonam even called it a "thirst trap" film! And then when Karan interrogated who the director of the film is, Sonam couldn't answer and burst out laughing instead! Arjun then announced, "Sonam is back ladies and gentlemen, at my cost."
Arjun hilariously added, "You've said that film is just about hot people. You've dismissed the film also. I'm trying to say I want to earn respect from the audience, I am trying to say I want to get better work. I want to be more responsible and you're like 'yeah, yeah yeah"!
4. When Arjun revealed how he got suspended from school because of Sonam
Arjun talked about an incident that left him with a black eye as he went ahead and took on a fight for Sonam. During the show, Sonam spoke about an incident, when she was asked to leave the basketball court in school by a 'bully' and she inadvertently turned to Arjun for recourse. Opening up about how he went ahead to fight for her taking inspiration from Shah Rukh's character in Josh, Arjun said, "I went up to him, telling him how can you talk to my sister like that. I imagined it would be like Shah Rukh Khan in Josh where two gangs fight but I just got socked in the eye! I had a black eye and I got suspended because I abused him."
5. When Arjun revealed that he went with Sonam on her first date
In yet another funny revelation, Sonam shared that she took Arjun on her first date to Mcdonald's in Mumbai's Lokhandwala. Where Arjun sat at a different table, eating the burgers Sonam bought for him! Sonam also revealed that she was 12 at the time. (ANI)