Anushka Sharma (image courtesy: Instagram)
Anushka Sharma (image courtesy: Instagram)

Anushka's father is her inspiration when it comes to spreading positivity

ANI | Updated: Sep 06, 2019 12:04 IST

New Delhi (India), Sept 6 (ANI): Anushka Sharma, who is spreading positivity and happiness all around the internet with her recent project, shared another video on Friday, reading positive tweets that people randomly wrote.
The 31-year old actor has started a new initiative under a project called Love and Light, the sole purpose of which is to spread good vibes.
As a part of the initiative, she shared a video on Instagram where she can be seen reading out some happy tweets which inspired her.
"My dad always told me two things - do the right thing always & have compassion in your heart no matter the circumstances. It takes a special substance to be compassionate. This world is a circle of life. What goes around comes right back around," she captioned the video.

The actor who started the social campaign some time back said, "Love & Light Project is a social experiment to constructively connect as human beings and not subject each other to negativity. I believe that through positivity and positive affirmations, our world would thrive better."
It is not unknown that the internet can be a negative space. Therefore, the actor who has around 60 million fans and followers felt the need to start a conversation about things that aren't right can be sorted out with a discussion.
"Digital boom has incredible benefits. It has brought the world closer and it gives us a tremendous scope of connecting and collaborating and creating communities of like-minded people. So, yes when many say that the internet can be an extremely negative place, I feel we have to use the medium for the potential that it can unlock," expressed the actor.
"Social media has the power to influence the youth, culture, and society and if we look to trigger positive conversations, it will be hugely constructive for society at large. Small gestures of inclusivity, new connections, gratitude for all that we have, are conversations that need to happen on social media," she added.
Apart from this, Anushka also started a campaign, #JusticeForAnimals, calling for stricter laws against offenders. (ANI)