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Boman Irani in a clip from Masoom
Boman Irani in a clip from Masoom

Boman Irani remembers 'wonderful' time playing guitar during 'Masoom' shoot

ANI | Updated: Jun 17, 2022 23:43 IST

Mumbai [Maharashtra], June 17 (ANI): Bollywood actor Boman Irani recalled the 'wonderful' time he 'picked up a guitar' and bonded with his crew members, while shooting for his psychological thriller series, 'Masoom' in Chandigarh.
Looking back upon the time he and his team members were shooting in Chandigarh, Boman remembered the day they took a day off from shooting and 'got to know each other', having 'dinner at a mall', and playing songs at a club in the city.
"...we had a day off and we rounded up a bit. We went for dinner at a mall in Chandigarh in a club. We got together, got to know each other, I jumped up on stage and picked up a guitar, did some songs and all of us felt wonderful as if we walked out of a rock concert!."
Further, the actor, known for his comedic roles, expressed his joy after the 'satisfying completion' of the shoot of 'Massom'.
"I think nothing works better than the satisfying completion of a scene and a happy ending of a day where everyone looks around at each other and an unsaid look in each other's eyes, wishing each one 'good night' knowing that we have something good in the bag." said Boman.

Praising the competency of his team, Boman said, "The crew was amazing, great DOP, great assistants and great Art team."
Directed by Mihir Desai and helmed by Gurmeet Singh, 'Masoom' follows the story of a daughter's search for truth while her family tries to hide it in the name of love and protection. This psychological thriller, having six episodes narrates the changing dynamics in the relationships of the Kapoor family and the unspoken truths they conceal.
'Masoom' is based upon the award-winning Irish series, 'Blood' which explores the story of a family after they lose a loved one, along with deception and family relations.
Apart from Boman Irani, 'Masoom' also features 'Bob Biswas' fame Samara Tijori accompanied by Manjari Fadnis, Veer Rajwant Singh, Upasana Singh, and Manurishi Chaddha to name a few. The series also hosts a beautiful soundtrack composed by Anand Bhaskar Collective.
'Massom' is streaming on Disney+Hotstar from June 17. (ANI)