Actor Rani Mukerji
Actor Rani Mukerji

It gives hope, courage to women: Rani Mukerji on 1st anniversary of 'Mardaani 2'

ANI | Updated: Dec 13, 2020 15:50 IST

New Delhi [India], December 13 (ANI): As the second installment of her superhit crime-drama franchise, 'Mardaani,' clocked one year on Sunday, acclaimed actor Rani Mukerji said she feels the franchise gives "a lot of hope and courage to women."
"I think Mardaani is really a film which empowers a woman to think that they are strong. Mardaani as a franchise gives a lot of hope and courage to women. When they are watching it, they feel that they are getting introduced to their inner strength," she said.
Further opening-up, the 42-year-old actor said that through 'Mardaani' and 'Mardaani 2,' she is able to bring startling realities of societies out in open.
"It does give me an opportunity to actually bring out these topics, which are slightly difficult to digest and talk about, but unfortunately, that's the reality that's what we read and see in the newspaper and news channels day in and day out," the actor who portrays the lead role of cop in the film said.
"And what is the most disturbing part in all this is that it's not ending. These incidents are not getting over and done with. No matter how much we do, we still have to do much more. The film is just a small drop in the ocean of things that need to be done for this cause," she added.
Mukerji further feels that such films that are made on societal issues and especially on women's issues generate conversations and bring awareness among everyone.

"It generates conversation and there is awareness when women watch these kinds of films. Mardaani, as a franchise, we can just say that the reason why it is so relevant and the reason why it is such a special film is because we are able to pick up a topic and try and find some answers," she said.
The 'Saathiya,' actor reveals that the reaction she has got from female-cops across India has been very overwhelming.
"Whenever I have met lady cops, they have not reacted to just the film. They have reacted to the portrayal of Shivani Shivaji Roy, which they feel is very positive and it showcases the entire gamut of things that they have to deal with during the course of their lives and career," she said.
"The credit for that should actually go to the writer and those who have envisaged Mardaani as a franchise which is Adi, Gopi (Puthran - director and writer), Pradeep da (Sarkar) put together because I think the fact is the actors get to portray a character only when it's a written and fleshed out well," she added.
Today marks the first anniversary of 'Mardaani 2'. The film that was released last year shocked and gripped the nation with its brilliant storyline.
Inspired by shocking true crimes against women, the edge-of-the-seat thriller saw Rani in a race against time to capture a brutal serial rapist who systematically targets women.
The first installment of the crime drama was released in 2014 and was appreciated by critics and moviegoers across the nation. (ANI)