Tanuja, Jackie Shroff, Kajol, Yug and Tanishaa Mukerji take part in tree plantation drive
Tanuja, Jackie Shroff, Kajol, Yug and Tanishaa Mukerji take part in tree plantation drive

Kajol, Jackie Shroff participate in tree plantation drive

ANI | Updated: Aug 03, 2019 13:14 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Aug 3 (ANI): In a bid to create awareness about environment and nature, Bollywood actor Kajol accompanied by son Yug, mother and veteran actor Tanuja and actor Jackie Shroff participated in sister Tanisha Mukerji's tree-plantation drive in the city.
Jackie was seen dipping his hands in mud while planting saplings with Tanishaa and Tanuja.
Jackie said, "Planting trees is not just a way to give back to the environment, It's also our responsibility and we are not doing a favour on anyone by planting trees. I showed up my presence for this drive because I am more concerned about the coming up generations and the kind of air we give them to breathe."
"I would like to request all the youth who comprise of half of the population of India, to step up and understand their job towards the environment, because if they will plant trees, it will not only benefit us in terms of fresh air but healthy living as well," he added.In the past few years, the deteriorating climatic and health conditions have increased for an alarming need to increase the green cover which in return will improve the air quality.
Emphasizing on the need to plant and save trees to control pollution and protect nature, Kajol said "I read a line somewhere that a single human accounts to seven trees on earth and by taking part in this initiative, we are going to repay back that debt. We owe the earth something and I am very proud of my sister that she has started something like this."
Adding she said, "I read this line that 'if trees have WiFi then everybody would be planting them' and you will be surprised to know that if we plant more trees, we can reverse climate change. So I would like to besiege people to please plant trees either in your vicinity or outside so that we can create a clean tomorrow." (ANI)