Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard
Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell shares her quarantine experience

ANI | Updated: Apr 03, 2020 18:16 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], April 3 (ANI): American actor Kristen discussed her experience being isolated with husband and their two kiddos.
According to Fox News, the 39-year-old actor discussed how she and Shepard are finding quarantine to be a little tough in a video chat to Entertainment Tonight.
Bell admitted: "We've gotten on each other's last nerve these last couple days. We're doing much better now because were laughing about it. But when we were not laughing about it for the first couple of days, that's the hard spot."
The 'Bad Mom' actor then shared her thoughts on why quarantining with loved ones can be so tough. She explained that she loves spending time with her husband and he loves spending time with her.
But what she thinks is different about this quarantine time is you have so much more time to think about the other persona and their actions and sort of replay what they said or attach a meaning to something that they did.

Bell added: "Nobody really needs time for that. That's useless."
The 'Frozen' actor also discussed having to make adjustments in regards to her kids, 7-year-old Lincoln, and 5-year-old Delta, and the schedule she tried to keep once the quarantine began.
She said that the biggest lesson she learnt, in the beginning, was that she wrote out the colour coded schedule, and noted about when will be their academic and academic time.
Kristen explained that by day five of schedule, she was making everybody miserable. About a week ago, she woke her kids up and encouraged her daughters to rip up the schedule, explaining that the kids "felt so good."
"I said the learning lesson here is that if you make a plan and it's not working, you pivot," said Bell. (ANI)