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Mithila Palkar (Image source: Instagram)
Mithila Palkar (Image source: Instagram)

Mithila Palkar recalls fan paying tribute to 'Little Things' by getting a tattoo inspired by show

ANI | Updated: Sep 24, 2022 15:05 IST

New Delhi [India], September 24 (ANI): Fans never leave a chance to pay touching tributes to their favourite stars. From getting a tattoo of a celebrity to waiting in queues for long hours to catch a glimpse of actors, fans try to express their love for the stars in their own special ways.
Like many other film actors, Mithila Palkar has also received memorable tributes from her admirers - especially after 'Little Things'.
Recalling how one of her fans won her heart with a sweet gesture, Mithila told ANI, "Somebody has gotten us tattooed on them. Like it's not "US" per se but like it is a reference to Little Things, where Dhruv and Kavya are lying down and watching stars. And they sent it to Dhruv, it's incredible. Like, I can't even fathom! I don't know what to say or how to feel. It's just, it's amazing."
'Little Things', which revolved around Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal) and Kavya (Mithila Palkar), a young live-in couple navigating relationships, career and life, had received big love from viewers throughout its four-season run. The finale episode was streamed on Netflix last year.
Mithila and Dhruv's 'Little Things' initially started as show on Youtube. From YouTube to Netflix, the show has definitely come a long way.
While the show ended last year, the makers recently treated audience by unveiling 'Little Things' prequel in audio format on Audible.
The prequel tells the story of how Dhruv and Kavya met and fell in love.

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Sharing her experience "recording" Little Things, Mithila said, "It's been very exciting. It's a new medium, it's a new format. I don't think either of us have done this before. I don't think either of us have done a show in the audio format before. But I personally am glad that it was Little Things because of course it's a new medium, it was challenging but because it was Little Things it kind of felt at home."
Dhruv also spoke about the audio format.
"The only new thing that I can think of is that the because people working on the show, the directors and the creative team, they had not worked on the show previously because there was a different team obviously. So they were experiencing new things in the show. Or they were experiencing the show for the first time and because they were experiencing the show for the first time we were also experiencing the show as if it's something that i mean that consciously we can't do it but also a part of us were experiencing the show in a new light which made it a little more exciting because our approach was changing. We were also rediscovering the characters, we were also rediscovering the kind of love that we used to had. So there was a fair bit of rediscovery also which kept things quite nice, I guess," he added.
It's quite challenging to work on the prequel - especially playing with the sounds.
"My back was screwed, because you can't stand for eight hours and do it. And so I had to sit. So I got this cushion from Amazon, which is for 399 rupees. No, but the only real challenge, the challenge is to, see it requires a lot more stamina. You know, one thing is that it's easier because you're just speaking, But when you're acting on a set, you are not acting for 12 hours, you're acting, probably for an hour or two hours. You keep going back to the vanity, so you keep getting replenished, right? But when you're in a studio, and it's a very small room and the only way to make it engaging is through your voice, so it requires a lot of stamina which gets tiring. And so it took me two to three days to kind of realize how tiring it is," he said.
"And without even realizing the director would say after five six hours spent on a particular day, Dhruv thoda na energy km ho rha hai, I am like km ho rha hai? Kaise km ho rha hai? And then the director would be like wait I'll make you listen to your tape from the first hour and this connection. That's a big difference. So it requires a lot more energy," Dhruv shared. (ANI)