Priyanka Chopra's Insta video doesn't sit well with fans

ANI | Updated: Feb 24, 2018 15:12 IST

London [U.K.], Feb. 24 (ANI): Seems like Priyanka Chopra likes to drop a bombshell on her fans, every once in a while. However, her latest Instagram post did not go as planned.

The 'Quantico' star recently shared a video on the picture-sharing site where she was seen breaking a wine glass on her head and explained the whole action as a result of having a bad day.

The 35-year-old actor captioned the video, "This is what happens when you work from nine to wine... DO NOT TRY this at home. I make 'pour' decisions after a bad day! Lol ok ok I'll stop. #causeyouhadabadday ?? ???? #dontpissmeoff #DramaMama PS: breakaway glass! #Moviemagic props to my @abcquantico Prop dept! Thank you. Lol".

The fans didn't take to the stunt very well and flooded the post with their miffed comments.

A user commented, "Since you r a beautiful role model all ages follow kindly don't post an harmful act".

"Love PC. But plz don't shock yaa", wrote another.

One posted, "I swear she's lost it".

Another mention the need to "see the shrink" while another asked, "Pagla gaye ho ka".

A user posted, "Ye kya kar rahi ho aap".

Some users were even concerned for the former Miss World's well-being.

One asked, "Dafuq ?? what did u just do!! I hope you didnt get hurt".

Another user commented, "Shitssss..... Dnt hurt ur self pc" while one wrote, "Have you gone crazy ma'am... Please don't do this anymore".

One user said, "Oh don't you ever.. Do this again.... U get hurt and it could leave a scar" while some questioned the star's sanity.

PeeCee, as Chopra is affectionately called by her fans, had given credits to props department of her ongoing show, 'Quantico'. However, if the wine glass was real or a mere representation made of sugar is not yet confirmed.

Commenting on it, a user wrote, "Come on Priyanka, that is a prop!! Don't do this and make us all believe that it's real glass. You are better than this. Stay original!". (ANI)