Sohum Shah marks powerful performance in 'Simran'!

ANI | Updated: Sep 29, 2017 12:29 IST

New Delhi, [India], Sep 29 (ANI): 'Simran' actor Sohum Shah has time and again treated the audiences with his charming presence and realistic acting style. He manages to pack a surprise in his every film and has never repeated any of his characters.

The actor is very well known for his power-packed performance in critically acclaimed films like 'Ship of Theseus', 'Talvar' and now in 'Simran' as the love interest of Kangana Ranaut.

Though Simran's story revolves around the character of Praful Patel aka Kangana, one of the most heart touching tracks in the film is lead by Sohum Shah.

Sohum's first character in 'Ship of Theseus' was in his loose clothes and careless body language, after which he completely changed his looks and body type for his next with Irrfan Khan in 'Talvar', in which he sported mustache with a perfectly dashing presence like an officer.

People actually couldn't spot that he was the same actor, who was in 'Ship of Theseus', people started calling him a Chameleon for his powerful performance in 'Talvar'.

Insiders say that Sohum decided that instead of looking thin with an attractive body and stylish clothes he willingly chose to gain some weight to portray his character realistically in his recent release 'Simran'.

He has worked with few of the great actors we have in Bollywood but it is a lesser known fact that Sohum too is a national award winner for the path-breaking film 'Ship of Theseus' in which he played the role of a naive stockbroker.

Sohum's character has always received accolades from critics for his impressive acting and his incredible screen presence. (ANI)