Kangana Ranaut and Prasoon Joshi (File Photos)
Kangana Ranaut and Prasoon Joshi (File Photos)

Some people creating false narratives, say Kangana Ranaut and Prasoon Joshi

ANI | Updated: Jul 26, 2019 13:27 IST

New Delhi (India), July 26 (ANI): After bashing celebrities who expressed concerns over mob lynching, actor Kangana Ranaut and CBFC chief Prasoon Joshi on Friday said the country is moving in the right direction, and that a section is unwilling to accept the mandate given to the present government.
Continuing to criticise those who wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over mob-killings, Joshi and Ranaut, in separate statements, said "some people are misusing their power and position to generate a false narrative" and that they are "wrongfully taking advantage of the voice they have".
"We are a part of a major shift, things are changing for the betterment of this nation and few people are rattled by this," Kangana said.
She stated that common people have themselves "chosen their representatives and leaders" and "ones who disregard their will have no respect for the democracy."
Meanwhile, Prasoon in his statement cleared that "human life is most important" for him and he will "never stand by anything" degrading or harming any.
Calling the 49 celebrities who first addressed a letter to the Prime Minister as the "ones who aren't so close to realities of our country", Prasoon added that they are "unfairly painting a biased picture and misleading people."
"I think its absolutely unfair to the hard work our government is doing in trying to bring a much-awaited change in this country by creating equal opportunities for everyone irrespective of class, religion or any other identity," he added.
Further slamming the 49 celebrities, Joshi added, "The few privileged who took this country for granted are in absolute denial about this change India is going through. They are ungraciously refusing to acknowledge the mandate of the people of India."
By writing the letter, those celebrities have shown disrespect and are trying to create a false narrative, claims Prasoon.
"They seem hell bent to portray that there is deliberate wrongdoing prevalent- thereby dishonestly creating a false narrative," he said in the statement.
"They are wrongfully taking advantage of the voice they have, contacts and influence they possess. Because they are well versed with the lexicon of the elite world they are using that to portray a biased picture of India by selectively picking up examples which suit their narrative, in turn, stirring up fear and anxiety amongst the people and society at large," he added.
Suggesting the "need of the hour", the lyricist added that they need to "unite to play a constructive role and not take advantage of the vulnerabilities of your own people."
In concluding remarks, Prasoon requested those celebrities to use their "energies constructively" and added, "we really need creators and contributors at this juncture in India."
The open letter titled 'Against Selective Outrage & False Narratives' by 62 celebrities including classical dancer Sonal Mansingh, terms those who wrote an open letter on mob-lynchings as "self-styled guardians and conscience keepers".
It came as a counter to the open letter published on July 23 by 49 celebrities demanding that "exemplary punishment" should be meted out "swiftly and surely" in lynching cases. The letter which also highlighted 'Jai Shri Ram' as becoming a "provocative war-cry" in the present-day included filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, Mani Ratnam and Shyam Benegal as signatories. (ANI)