Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

SRK cheers for para athletes participating in 2018 Asian Para Games

By: Sonika Mendiratta (ANI) | Updated: Sep 26, 2018 20:33 IST

New Delhi [India], Sep 26 (ANI): Superstar Shah Rukh Khan on Wednesday gave an exhilarating send-off to the Indian Paralympic Contingent going for the 2018 Asian Para Games in Jakarta.
The Padma Shri awardee was invited by Rao Inderjit Singh, president of Paralympic Committee of India (PCI), to motivate the para athletes for the games. King Khan, however, said he was there to get inspired himself.
Shah Rukh revealed that he was attending the event for a "selfish reason!"
"I am selfish! I am here for myself. I am here to take inspiration from these athletes. I have come here to get motivated," he said.
The actor also revealed that since childhood, he had an ardent desire to become a sportsman. "When I was small, I used to play hockey, football, cricket and even used to take part in athletics. I had a dream of representing my country in any sport. But, I got hurt and the injury could not be properly treated for some or the other reason. It was then that I thought my life is finished. It was because of my parents' encouragement that I then took charge of my life."
He added, "Since then, I have gone through nine surgeries. Even now, there are days when I am in a lot of pain and I sometimes feel that I should leave everything. However, just like my parents motivated me in my childhood, now, when I listen to the stories of these para athletes, I get motivated and get back to life."
The 52-year-old asserted that the para athletes teach people how the word impossible is "wrong and silly and that this word should not even exist."
The 'Zero' star further said, "When you guys will get medals - and I pray that you do - those medals will be fortunate more than you. It will be their fortune to be adorned by you."
He also urged everyone to watch the third Asian Para Games - slated to be held from October 6 to 13 in Jakarta, Indonesia- not just to cheer for the sportsmen but to get encouraged themselves. (ANI)