Dhoom 3 director Viktor Acharya
Dhoom 3 director Viktor Acharya

What makes 'Dhoom' franchise adrenaline pumping: Vijay Krishna Acharya says it's morally grey characters rebelling against society

ANI | Updated: Dec 21, 2020 01:10 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], December 21 (ANI): There is something inherently anti-establishment about a heist film, which is what the Dhoom series also stands for, feels Vijay Krishna (Viktor) Acharya, the writer of the first two franchises of the movie series and the director of Dhoom 3.
On the seventh anniversary of the much-loved action thriller Dhoom 3, he shared what people love about the biggest franchise in Indian cinema.
"As a viewer and a kid growing up, I have liked the heist films a lot. I think there is something inherently anti-establishment about a heist film, which is what the Dhoom series also stands for. If you look at film characters who are morally grey, they are rebelling against society in some manner, or they are, as in the case in Dhoom 3, taking revenge," Acharya said about anti-heroes who are true visual spectacles on screen.

He also dished out his biggest achievement with the Dhoom series.
"For me, as a writer, I suppose when you write films, in which you want a certain kind of audience participation and appreciation, your biggest victory is the fact that it is liked by all, and it has a popular appeal. "
"I very strongly feel that looking for popular appeal is not the role or job of the writer; our role is to try and do something, which we like. And, at the same time, a story is created with some sort of end in mind knowing a kind of audience, which exists, but it is not pleasing all," added Acharya.
He further said, "As a writer that's what one should not do because you don't have to run after an audience, and at least for me, whatever I have written, the hits or the misses, it has been a fun ride. You have to try and do something new or different. And that's how Dhoom came about."
"Honestly, before the first Dhoom, nobody wanted to do a film without the kind of drama Hindi films were used to, and even in Dhoom 2, they were all A-list stars doing an action film. But there was enough meat for everybody and it was an entertainer. It was a true entertainer," said the writer-director. (ANI)