Cyndi Lauper opposes Madonna's Women's March Speech

| Updated: Jan 28, 2017 02:08 IST

London [UK], Jan. 27 (ANI): While many have come out in support of Madonna's controversial Women's March speech against US President Donald Trump, singer Cyndi Lauper isn't of the same opinion. Speaking on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen', Lauper said Madonna's speech at the Women's March on Washington, D.C., "didn't serve its purpose." "I don't think that it served our purpose because anger is not better than clarity and humanity. That is what opens people's minds. When you want to change people's minds, you have to share your real story," reports The Mirror. "Yelling doesn't [help]. It just jacks people up but it doesn't communicate any type of humanity or any kind of story that would open another person's mind." The 63-year-old '80s pop icon said anti-Donald Trump celebrities like Madonna aren't going to win over hearts and minds until they put their anger aside and start promoting kindness. (ANI)