Ice Cube's new song defies soaring police brutality

| Updated: Jul 11, 2016 16:25 IST

Johannesburg, July 11 (ANI): When tension with the US law enforcement is soaring, rapper Ice Cube called for a bold disobedience by co-writing a song against police brutality. At Quebec City's summer music festival, the 47-year-old rapper said, "The police tried to tell us what we can't play!," likely referring to past rather than present bids to muzzle him, reports Channel24. Making a vehement verbal attack on the police, Ice Cube said, "F*** the Police" and asked the fans to raise their middle fingers as images of armed officers flashed on a screen. The 'Ride Along' star also kept his focus on police brutality over social media by sharing stories of abuses and urging President Barack Obama to rein in police, declaring his campaign with the hashtag #Theorisation. (ANI)