Kanye West reportedly walking away from Jay-Z's Tidal

| Updated: Jul 03, 2017 10:45 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], July 3 (ANI): The rift between Kanye West and JAY-Z has taken another turn as it is being reported that the 'Life of Pablo' hit-maker has quit the subscription-based music streaming service Tidal in a dispute over money. According to TMZ.com, sources revealed that the 40-year-old rapper "complained the company owes him money - more than $3 million" and his lawyers sent a letter to the company telling them they were "in breach and the contact was terminated." The insiders added that West's lawyers sent another letter two weeks after the first one after the conflict failed to be resolved. The issues stemmed after West's Saint Pablo album brought in nearly 1 and a half million new subscribers to Tidal, for which he was supposed to receive a bonus, and the company didn't pay him. The company also reportedly went back on their promise of reimbursing him for music videos, but Tidal stated that he "didn't deliver the videos required by contract." Tidal have since sent a letter back, stating they "still have an exclusive contract with Kanye and if he goes to another streaming service they'd sue him." (ANI)