Kanye West's onstage rant about Beyonce, Jay Z perplexes even Snoop Dogg

| Updated: Nov 22, 2016 19:31 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 22 (ANI): Snoop Dogg, who is usually very cool about anything, thanks to weed, recently voiced his confusion over Kanye West's onstage rant. The 45-year-old rapper shared his thoughts with his fans via a series of Instagram videos, saying, "This n** is crazy. I can't believe he's still talking!" in one video as he listens to West rant about the 'Lemonade singer. In another video, the rapper said that West picked the "wrong night" to vent like that. "Them Sacramento n** ain't feeling that s***. He should've had a bunch of weird mother f***ers like you in there when you were talking that weird ass s***," he added. According to People magazine, the 39-year-old rapper unleashed a rant on his shocked audience in California, sounding off on everything from his feelings about Taylor Swift ("She's great") to Beyonce ("I was hurt because I hear that you said you wouldn't perform unless you won 'Video of the Year' over me") and Jay Z ("I know you got killers. Please don't send them at my head") to his support of Donald Trump. Snoop then mused about what could be causing West to go on a tirade. "I smoke weed. Weed doesn't make you do that. What the f*** is he on?" he concluded. Unfortunately, for the worst part, West canceled his L.A. concert just hours before it was set to begin and announced the cancellation of the rest of his 'Saint Pablo' tour citing 'exhaustion' and "rigors of the tour" which wore him out. (ANI)