Kendrick Lamar 'hold court' for Rebook to celebrate iconic Club C sneaker

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 14. Dawg Entertainment artist Kendrick Lamar recently collaborated with Reebok, for the third time, on a special edition of the brand's Club C sneaker. Lamar pays homage to the Reebok Classic with a video series 'Hold Court' for the Spring/Summer 2017 campaign. Directed by Nabil Elderkin, the video sees the 29-year-old rapper discussing the inspiration behind his designing partnership in four short clips. The campaign looks back at its evolution of the Club C over the past thirty years, from a tennis staple to a fashion statement. A compelling narrative which represents a connection to your heritage, to your court, your passions, 'Hold Court' rings true with Kendrick and his artistry- "Take responsibility and find your court, your passion." Continuing with the raw and uncompromising aesthetic of Kendrick's Fall/Winter 2016 Classic Leather campaign, Nabil captures Kendrick on 35mm film in honor of both the Club C and Kendrick's commitment to authenticity and originality. Pictured holding court in an environment that has both literal and metaphorical connotations, Kendrick is shot in front of a projection of his high schools, Compton High, tennis court, as he heroes the streets that he came from, where he honed his skills and where he became the artist that he is today. As an artist who takes inspiration from his childhood 'court,' and who is universally recognized for using his music to inspire and empower youths, Kendrick is the perfect validator for the Club C. Alongside still imagery, a series of short films capture Kendrick discussing the values intrinsic to both him and the sneaker; fearlessness, confidence and expression. "The Club is one of my favorite sneakers. Clean, understated and beyond design. What the sneaker represents is important to me. Staying true to your roots and where you came from. Staying real," Kendrick said of the sneaker. "It's a sneaker that makes you feel a certain way when you put it on. Fearless; confident; holding court. I put pressure on myself to reach a certain level of success, and the shoe represents that. Being passionate, having the desire and hunger to be successful in whatever court you're in." Worn by Kendrick throughout the campaign, the Spring/Summer men's Club C 85 Tonal Gum is a sleek, streamlined silhouette that's an essential wardrobe staple for both on and off the courts. Kicking off the year in statement style for women, the Club C 85 Diamond pack updates the pared-back aesthetic with eye-catching glitter accents, enabling expression of stylish individuality. "Having made its debut in 1985, the Club C has left its mark as an iconic performance tennis court shoe, and a timeless classic in casual streetwear. The shoe's smart yet understated design made it a club favorite for athletes both on the court and on the streets," added Todd Krinsky, Global Vice President of Reebok Classic and Entertainment. "Fast forward to today and the Club C has emerged as a modern day streetwear icon, all while staying true to its original design 30-plus years later. In 2017 we plan to celebrate this silhouette with continual drops throughout the year." (ANI)