Sharon Osbourne wants Taylor Swift to `rise` above Kanye's public feud

| Updated: Jul 21, 2016 01:25 IST

London, July 20 (ANI): Television host and journalist, Sharon Osbourne has given her "valuable" advice to Taylor Swift to deal with her on-going public feud with Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian. Calling Kanye 'a bully', the 63-year-old popular TV personality discussed the potential legal action that the 'Love Story' hit-maker could take against the rapper and his wife, the Mirror reports. Speaking on the controversial matter, Sharon said, "I think that Taylor should go back to what she does best, writing her songs, and recording. Forget it's got to stop. This whole 'thing' with Taylor Swift and Kanye West and now the Kardashians are coming in, it's ugly." Sharon also used Katy Perry's reference and said, "Taylor, rise above it, go and do your thing." On a related note, 'Rise' is Katy's latest single and amid the feud when she posted her track along with the message, "Rise above it all", many took it as a reference to the tiff. "It would be so bad for her if she does take this to the next stage. Just let it go. Everybody knows that he is a bully," Sharon continued. Earlier this week, Kim released parts of the conversation on her Snapchat, which rekindled the fight between Taylor and Kanye. (ANI)