First trailer of 'Insidious: The Last Key' is here and it will surely creep you out!

ANI | Updated: Sep 06, 2017 09:39 IST

<p>New Delhi [India], September 6 (<a href="/search?query=ANI">ANI</a>): All you horror freaks, get ready to freak out even more as the first trailer of much-awaited horror flick 'Insidious: <a href="/search?query=The Last Key">The Last Key</a>' is here.</p><p>The makers unveiled the trailer on <a href="/search?query=YouTube">YouTube</a> and it is surely going to creep everyone out.</p><p>The trailer starts with a man, who is experiencing supernatural occurrences in his home, calling out for assistance from <a href="/search?query=Elise">Elise</a> and company.</p><p><a href="/search?query=Elise">Elise</a>, of the present, visits a house in <a href="/search?query=New Mexico">New Mexico</a>, with her sidekicks Steven "Specs" and <a href="/search?query=Tuckerwhich">Tuckerwhich</a>, which turns out to be her old home.</p><p><iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe></p><p>She starts to feel the terror she experienced as a child in that house.</p><p>The film will take place along the life of Dr. <a href="/search?query=Elise">Elise</a> with three different ages being haunted and hurt from the spirits.</p><p>While this promises to take her even deeper into the Further, the spirit world that houses these mystical beings, it also unveils a new villain - a demonic creature with keys for fingers.</p><p>This film promises to be out and out horror akin to what we saw and loved in the first '<a href="/search?query=Conjuring">Conjuring</a>' film.</p><p>The unsettling background score by <a href="/search?query=Joseph Bishara">Joseph Bishara</a> will awake out of your complacence.</p><p>This is the fourth installment in the 'Insidious' franchise. The series has grossed over USD 371 million at the worldwide box office, which is impressive when we look at the relatively small budgets the films have.</p><p>Adam Robitel has taken over directing duties from Whannell for the fourth instalment, although he has written the movie after working on all three previous trips to the Further.</p><p>Lin Shaye is reprising the role of Dr. <a href="/search?query=Elise">Elise</a> Rainier, while <a href="/search?query=<a href="/search?query=Leigh Whannell">Leigh Whannell</a>"><a href="/search?query=Leigh Whannell">Leigh Whannell</a></a> (Steven "Specs") and Angus Sampson (Tucker) also reprise their roles.</p><p>Produced by <a href="/search?query=James Wan">James Wan</a>, 'Insidious: <a href="/search?query=The Last Key">The Last Key</a>' will hit the U.S. cinemas on January 5, 2018. (<a href="/search?query=ANI">ANI</a>)</p>