'Ghostbusters' ladies' befitting reply for their haters

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Melbourne, July 12, ANI: Looks like the ladies of the 'Ghostbusters' reboot have a perfect reply for the haters. Slamming critics who massively out cried on social media on the all-women 'Ghostbursters,' the leads of the reboot, in an interview said, the vitriolic comments do nothing but boost their will to do better. While Melisa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon said they have stopped listening to haters and do not even read their comments anymore, enraged Leslie Jones gave hard hitting reply to knockers, reports news.com.au. "Well I read everything. This kind of thing makes you a warrior and I am going to fight that (sexism) and I am going to win. It gives me fuel, I love it. Please tell me that I am not good, so that I can show you that I am," Jones quips. Further condemning the redundant terminology used at social media to describe the cast, she said, "Yeah, let's start with the term 'female comic'. Can people just get over it? Yes, I have titties and an ass so you know I am a female." Supporting her co-actress, Mckinnon added, "She sure does. If anyone does, it's my colleague Leslie Jones. But I haven't paid attention to the vitriol people have thrown my way. I am more of a delicate flower and don't read it." However, McCarthy expressed her anguish and said she no more pays hid to bitter comments on social media. "It's like critiquing a book that you are about to start in a month. How about you read it first?" she said. "I read one thing that made me burst out and cry because it attacked me, and it said something so awful against my children I thought, 'No good comes from reading this stuff", added the 45-year-old actress. Unfortunately, the fourth member of the quartet, Kristen Wiig was ill with flu and unavailable to comment on either the controversy of the movie. (ANI)