'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3' is already in works: James Gunn

| Updated: Aug 06, 2017 09:28 IST

Los Angeles [U.S.A.], August 6 (ANI): Marvel fans, rejoice! You may get the third part of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' really soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, writer-director James Gunn is hard at work penning Guardians Vol. 3, while also helping Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige plot out the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's cosmic properties. He said, "Those scripts are already in the works. Kevin and I talk about it all the time, we just had a meeting today. Discussing what is the next iteration of cosmic characters and where are the characters that we've already created going to go in the next batch of films." Vol. 3 will also be the end of this current lineup of Guardians, begging the question of whether the Ravagers led by Sylvester Stallone in Vol. 2 movie could pick up the Guardians mantle. "I'm definitely interested in the direction that these characters are headed and their roles in the Marvel Universe," said Gunn. Though, the Guardians have some wild origins that include time travel (they are from 1,000 years in the future), but Gunn noted that Marvel is not planning on going that route. Gunn explained, "That is not something that we're dealing with. These are older characters and more criminal than our Guardians. So we're focusing on that." The director also shared that he always does what is best for the movie and also changes some things from the source material. Gunn also said he has selected all the songs for Vol. 3 and they're surprisingly different than the first two films. "Vol. 1 was a playlist of Meredith Quill's songs, where as Vol. 2 contained Yondu's songs," he shared. (ANI)