'Scared' Lindsay Lohan had to meditate with Oprah Winfrey, before interview with Piers Morgan

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb. 22 (ANI): Looks like Lindsay Lohan's jittery before appearing on the talk show 'Good Morning Britain,' has grabbed host Piers Morgan's attention. Morgan retweeted a report by a U.S. based website Heat Street, which said the 30-year-old actress meditated on the phone with Oprah Winfrey, before her interview with the former. The report read that the 'Mean Girls' star said she was so "scared" to talk to the journalist that she had to contact her "second mother" Oprah for help. On the show, while talking about Lohan's love for meditation, the host asked her whether she meditated before appearing on the show, to which, she smiled and said, "I did with Oprah on the phone last night." A shocked Morgan asked, "Did you? What before coming to see me? I love Oprah, what did she say to you?" "I had a call with her last night. Mum was like, 'Oprah's calling'. We were just talking about what I'm doing now," she replied, adding, "She was really proud of me, which was really wonderful because I think she's such a guiding light and she's like a second mother to me so I feel really blessed to have her on my speed dial." "So you just call her?" the host asked and she said, "Yeah, I was nervous to talk to you," which prompted all to burst out laughing. (ANI)