'The Shwashank Redemption' lost its iconic Oak tree

| Updated: Jul 26, 2016 21:41 IST

London, July 26 (ANI): 'The Shwashank Redemption' has lost one of its iconic image from the movie- the oak tree that stood as a beacon of hope for Morgan Freeman's character, Red. The Independent reports that on July 22, heavy winds knocked down the tree, which stood on private land in Lucas, Ohio. Reportedly, the tree was an attraction for fans, who flocked to the monument every year since the movie's release in 1994. The fans shared their grief on Twitter by posting photoes and comments about the tress with the hashtag #ShawshankTree. "So long dear friend, you will be missed.... RIP #ShawshankTree :-(," wrote one. "Slowly all my heroes are dying :( #ShawshankTree," wrote the other. According to Jodie Snavely, an official with the Mansfield/Richland Convention and Visitors Bureau, "The tree symbolizes hope. When they can actually come and see that, it's very touching to them, and it means a lot to them." (ANI)