Anil Kapoor talks about dangerous minds and '24'

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Mumbai [India], Aug. 9 (ANI): Anil Kapoor finds getting into the psyche of a mind very intriguing. Recently at a book launch here, the 'evergreen' star talked about his views on the psychology of terrorists and criminals, saying, "For me, it's always been intriguing as an actor to get into the psyche of a mind. that how a normal looking person suddenly can be so dark and so dangerous, and then suddenly the next moment living a very normal life." He further expressed that he feels "intriguing, exciting, (and) dangerous" once he gets into the minds of such characters while portraying them. the 60-year-old actor was at the launch of Hussain Zaidi and Brijesh Singh's book 'Dangerous Mind,' which is centered on a similar theme to that of his TV series '24.' Hence, questions on the series and his character Jai Singh Rathod was inevitable. He describes his character as "a guy with a dangerous mind", who has to deal, interact, research and understand all kinds of people with 'dangerous minds.' Kapoor disclosed that his preparation for the challenging role involved a lot of research-both online and offline, wherein he "met a lot of people, (and) got into a lot of trouble also in the past trying to meet people" that included cops, and small convicts in jails. The actor ended by saying that he had "given (his) blood and sweat to 24 and Jai Singh Rathod", corroborating with the fact that his current leg injury was courtesy of the shoot. On being asked about the third season, he quipped, "The day I can sprint, that's the day I'm gonna start 24."(ANI)