Debbie really wanted to be with Carrie, opens up son Todd Fisher

| Updated: Jan 01, 2017 14:17 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], Jan 1 (ANI) After the sudden deaths of mother Debbie Reynolds and sister Carrie Fisher, Todd recently opened up about his family's devastating loss. "Debbie did not die of a broken heart," Fisher told ABC News' 2020 in an episode that aired Friday. "She just left to be with Carrie," reports People Magazine. The 58-year-old, who was with his mother at the time of her death, described her final hours as he stated, "Debbie said she really wanted to be with Carrie. In those precise words and within 15 minutes from that conversation she faded out and within 30 minutes, she technically was gone." "She started to have a stroke, and she just effectively went to sleep and didn't wake up. She closed her eyes, peacefully like you're going to sleep, and she literally went to sleep and left. My mother, if anybody, had somehow a way to do that, and I watched it happen in front of my face, Todd told host Elizabeth Vargas, I was on her bed with her, and I watched her leave and go to Carrie." Debbie died within a day of the 'Star Wars' actress, who had suffered a heart attack on December 23. The late actresses will be buried next to each other and among friends, including actress Bette Davis and pianist Liberace, at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in L.A. We're brokenhearted, those of us that are left behind. We also are happy that they're together. It's horrible. It's beautiful. It's magical they're together, Todd admitted. It's beyond words. It's beyond understanding. (ANI)