Fan develops website aimed at notifying Ocean's new song

| Updated: Aug 14, 2016 23:24 IST

London, Aug. 14 (ANI): Despite Frank Ocean constantly teasing his fans by delaying the release of his upcoming album 'Boys Don't cry' for over an year, one of his devoted fans has come out with a way to put an end to the constant social media scouring in the hunt for evidence that the album is finally out there. Shahzeb Khan, a 20-year-old computer science and engineering student, has set up '(650)82OCEAN', which assures that as soon as the site detects that the song is out, it will automatically send a notification to all subscribers, it will also send a link to where they can listen to it, reports The Independent. "I'm home for the summer and like everyone else I'm a huge Frank Ocean fan and I've been anticipating the album and checking up on blogs and websites constantly and there's been radio silence. I just got tired of refreshing my browsers all day," he said. Nearly 6,000 fans have availed the service so far. (ANI)