I feel less like a hero than ever before: Dev Patel

| Updated: Jan 24, 2017 01:04 IST

LONDON [UK], Jan 23 [ANI]: The awards season has kick-started and so is the excitement of 'Slumdog Millionaire' fame Dev Patel. Even after getting nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor' at Golden Globes and the upcoming BAFTA for his movie 'Lion,' Dev feels that he still hasn't given himself the tag of a hero, reports the Independent. "I wrote a piece in my diary about the word hero, because you know the Bollywood stars when they are in public in India people call them hero, so they would call out hero to me, and I'm like, I wrote this thing in my diary about feeling less like a hero than ever before," he said in a recent interview. The 26-year-old actor feels that he is not the real hero of the movie and considers himself as a supporting actor, because large portion the movie shows how his character, Saroo, gets separated from his family at the age of five. He feels, the actor, playing the role of young Saroo, is the real hero of the movie. "Most of the screen time is Sunny," he said, adding, "He leads for over an hour. When my part comes in, you're also flashing back to him. I guess for marketing purposes I'm on the posters. But that's no detriment to him, because he is amazing. An impossible act to follow actually." Dev even felt Sunny was "mesmerizing" in his role. He even shared that he was excited to work with Nicole Kidman, who plays his mother in the flick.(ANI)