Idris Elba knocks co-star Chris Pine, works for movie well

| Updated: Jul 22, 2016 22:39 IST

Washington.D.C, July 22(ANI): Looks like the spar in action-packed 'Star Trek' is not only limited to the reel life. In a humorous incident, Idris Elba accidentally knocked his co-star Chris Pine in the face during the shooting of 'Star Trek Beyond,' reports the Hollywood Reporter. This information came from the 34-year-old British actor during the world premiere of the movie at San Diego Comic-Con. Ebla, who plays the wicked Krall and is a newcomer in the cast, said he quickly became comfortable with his cast members, especially Pine. "Chris and I had laughs, and then I gave him a black eye," he said, adding, "Well, we were doing a fight scene and he got a bit cheeky, and I was just like pow, I didn't mean to do it, but Chris was quite proud of it." Justin Lin, the director of the movie laughed about the incident saying that his cast loved to "go all out." "We were shooting this third-act fight and I kept pushing to get the right angle, to the point where Chris just got hit," Lin explained. However, the black eye found its way into the movie. Lin said, "Continuity-wise, it worked out. That black eye played so well in the rest of the movie."(ANI)