Jennifer Lopez, tweet, All Lives Matter, Love Makes the World Go Round, Lin-Manuel Miranda

| Updated: Jul 13, 2016 22:35 IST

Washington D.C., July 13 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez has received backlash on social media for tweeting a post which featured the controversial phrase "all lives matter". The 46-year-old singer has drawn criticism for a 'now deleted' picture of her performing with Lin-Manuel Miranda which she hashtagged, "#LoveMaketheWorldGoRound #AllLivesMatter, reports au. One fan tweeted, "Wait, J. Lo really said #AllLivesMatter like she didn't make at least 17 attempts to be black between 1992-2000?." Another shared, "Did all lives matter when you stole music out from under countless black women?" "She's really wishy-washy," tweeted another user. A source, however was quoted, as saying, "Honestly, she didn't realise the implications of the hashtag. Once she did she took the post down." It is said that the 'Booty' hit-maker does not want to offend anyone, her tweet was just an attempt to promote her new song, 'Love Makes the World Go Round', which she performed on Monday's episode of show 'Today' as a tribute to the Orlando shooting victims.(ANI)