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John-Chrissy learning swimming `not to feel helpless` around baby girl

| Updated: Jul 07, 2016 19:25 IST

Johannesburg, July 7 (ANI): Chrissy Teigen recently revealed that she and her husband John Legend are taking swimming lessons for the sake of their two-month- old daughter Luna Simone. Channel.24 quoted Chrissy, 30, as saying, "'I was in the pool today. I can't swim, but I'm trying to learn for Luna, of course. There is nothing I want to do more than to get her into the water and for her to learn to swim. She added, "John can't swim, either. And we don't want to be helpless in any way, so we're going to try to learn for Luna. We're going to have someone come to the house." Teigen also revealed that neither she nor Legend have 'fear of water' it's just that they never learned to swim while growing up. "I have no fear of water. John has no fear of water. Or animals, or sharks or what have you. We just didn't have water in our face when we were growing up," she said. Chrissy and John welcome their baby daughter Luna on April 14 this year.(ANI)