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Joker figurine at comic-con hints at potential 'Suicide Squad' plot

| Updated: Jul 22, 2016 20:52 IST

London, July 22 (ANI): As the release date of 'Suicide Squad' is getting closer, the Internet is getting flooded with new clips revealing plot of the movie and its villainous team. However, a new toy showcased at the San Diego Comic-Con is possibly the biggest spoiler of all. Among the Hot Toys' line of 'Suicide Squad' figures on display at the comic-con, a Joker figurine donning Batman's outfit covered in graffiti was also showcased, the Independent reported. While all the other characters are known to be in the movie, it hasn't even been hinted at in all of Suicide Squad's vast marketing, making it a bit of a spoiler. If one takes a look from close, the face underneath the mask has white skin and capped teeth, also shunning all probabilities of it being Batman under the influence of Joker gas. (ANI)