Justin Bieber 'accidentally' rams his car into photographer

| Updated: Jul 27, 2017 20:05 IST

Washington D.C. [USA], July 27 (ANI): Justin Bieber recently got involved in an accident, it has been revealed. According to reports, on Wednesday, the 23-year-old was leaving the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills after the church service, when he accidentally hit a man. The collision was reportedly "extremely slow speed" one, wherein the 'Baby' hit-maker hit the photog in the knee while driving his black Dodge Ram out of the street parking space. The Canadian pop-sensation did not flee the scene, in fact, he stopped as soon as other photographers pointed out on what had happened. Bieber stayed right by the man's side until paramedics and police arrived. The police told TMZ that the photographer suffered non life-threatening injuries to his lower body. (ANI)