Kanye admits Glastonbury concert left him 'depressed'

| Updated: Aug 04, 2016 01:50 IST

London, Aug 3 (ANI): Putting aside his much talked about ego, Kanye West has recently admitted that he "messed up" the concert at Glastonbury and it left him "depressed". The 39-year-old rapper, during his gig, forgot lyrics of 'Black Skinhead' and mixed it with one of his other composition 'Bohemian Rhapsody', reports the Independent. In an interview with BBC Radio One's Annie Mac, the 'Famous' hit maker said, "It was incredible. I started off the show and I completely messed up the music. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so it really put me into a slightly depressed state." "It put me back in the position of when I was in high school and I got fired from my job, or when I played my music for R Kelly and he told me he was going to sign me, and then three months later I didn't have any money, I couldn't afford a haircut, I couldn't take my girlfriend to the movies and I'm still in my momma's bedroom, working on beats and I was that close to being signed by R Kelly," he explained. Recalling what exactly happened at the concert he said, "When that music messed up in the beginning, it tapped into my nerves and when you're nervous or vulnerable, something special and something different can happen. (ANI)