Margot Robbie on why most of Joker's scenes were removed

| Updated: Aug 14, 2016 23:24 IST

WashingtonD.C, Aug. 14 (ANI): Ever since 'Suicide Squad' has hit the screen, the fans have been complaining about its lead villain Joker's scarce appearance on stage. One of the USP's of the movie, the 'Joker', hardly has a part of 15 minutes in the American superhero movie. Clearing the air, Margot Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn in the film, speaks about the reason as to why most of the scenes featuring the Joker were cut from the movie. The 26-year-old actress said, "They probably realised that the emotional through-line of the story had to be the mission that we were on, and explaining the Enchantress' position and all that kind of stuff," reports Entertainment Weekly. She added, "And the [Harley and Joker] back story stuff, though it's magic and some of the stuff we shot was insane, they are there's a lot, but it just didn't make sense to confuse the present story line to incorporate all that." Jared Leto, who plays the character of Joker, also spoke about his scenes being deleted and revealed that there is enough footage remaining to create a Joker film. (ANI)