Negotiations behind Kim K 'sex tape' exposed

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Washington D.C, Jul 9 (ANI): Vivid porn boss Steve Hirsch has finally spilled the beans on how Kim Kardashian's iconic skin flick hit the Internet. Exposing the master manipulations of Kris Jenner, who has been accused of deliberately leaking her daughter's infamous sex tape, Hirsch revealed the truth about her involvement, Radar Online reported. The 55-year-old said, "Ever since the beginning, this tape had everything going for it. With a famous father, an arguably more famous stepfather and her friendship with Paris Hilton, this tape was set up to be a blockbuster. Add in the fact that her co-star was Ray J, and it was an absolute can't miss." He also stated that the 35-year-old reality star originally didn't want the tape released. Revealing how the deal that earned "tens of millions of dollars" for his company was finally sealed, Hirsch said, "There was tons of controversy surrounding the release and the fact that we ultimately were able to make a deal." Talking about the interactions with Jenner for the release of her daughter's porn flick, he said, "I really don't discuss the negotiations but I will say that I never negotiated with Kris Jenner." Crediting Jenner's brilliance for turning her sex tape fame into a family empire, he continued, "After the release, Kim's career took off and that was really a result of the people Kim chose to surround herself with. Her mother was an integral part of that and after E! picked up their show they became an unstoppable freight train. It still unbelievably hasn't stopped." (ANI)